Western Hunting Journal Review; Comparing Binocular Packs

In the March-April issue of Western Hunting Journal, our BinoBro ProHunter, was reviewed along side the other major manufactured binocular packs. Most in the review are made Overseas, a few in America.

Is supporting American made products enough to win the consumer? I doubt it, but we offer customer service that is unparalleled, the lightest wiehgt, least bulky option available, a whisper quiet waterproof fabric, and a Lifetime Warranty.

We now have ten sizes to fit 99% of any binocular size and type you are willing to carry into the field. We are the only company offering protection for PorroPrism style binoculars.

The options are many, but when one looks at function, weight and price, hands down the BinoBro leaves the rest behind.

The ONLY Binocular harness that provides waterproof coverage for ALL binoculars, including Porro Prism styles, Small to Large, and the 15 to 20 power Roof Prisms, such as the Vortex Kaibab's.

Made in America, our simple idea of a lightweight-waterproof quiet fabric, attached to a simple ergonomic harness keeps your binoculars under cover and easy to carry without any neck strain, or under back pack shoulder straps.

Features: A low-profile harness that is comfortable under your hunting pack straps.

There is virtually no elastic so there is no-bounce. The simple cover flips forward for use--the only way it should fold away.

It is the most functional of all the harnesses sold today.

Is it perfect--probably not! No messing with clips, split rings, cords, rain covers...nothing, just insert your binoculars into the pouch. A neck strap can be left on your binoculars, but leave the strap length long enough so the weight of your binocular is not borne by your neck--this is also handy for glassing and just letting go of your binoculars quickly if needed, instead of reinserting, say prior to a shot, or placing onto a Tri-Pod.

See a number of reviews by people like you that have "tried them all"...and remain with the BinoBro.

We offer ten sizes--Extra Small (XS) through XL fitting 99% of all binoculars you'd want to carry in the field.

Two camouflage patterns--Open Range and Predator Deception Brown--plus, a Solid Color--Olive Drab.

Checkout what the many happy customers have to say about the BinoBro and BinoBro ProHunter at our Reviews Icon.

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