Choose Your BinoBro®

Highly functional, waterproof binocular cases for birders, outdoor enthusiasts and hunters.

The Perfect Size For Every Bino

From XS to XL and beyond with our BinoBro Porro Prism cases plus extra-tall versions of our S, M and L cases, we have the perfect binocular case for every bino on the market.

Waterproof, Rip-stop & Whisper-Quiet

Our proprietary OPW Burr™ fabric has all the qualities you need in a binocular case. BinoBro is waterproof, rip-stop durable and whisper-quiet when handling.

Get Closer To Nature

Our patterns help you blend in or break up your outline so you can get closer to nature. We reviewed every color and pattern available on the market before settling on Open Range, Predator Deception Brown & Olive Green.

The Most Functional Binocular Case

With our first-to-market outward flipping quick-grab design and waterproof under pocket, it’s a binocular case designed to function in the wild. Explore our ProHunter model for even more features


Learn With BinoBro®

Dive deep in how to protect and rig your binoculars with our expert team.

We Are BinoBro®

BinoBro is a brand of Oregon Pack Works, which was founded by Karl Findling in Redmond, Oregon in 2009. With over forty years of hunting, backpacking, and outdoor experience, Karl is a retired paramedic and professional firefighter who found his creative outlet in product design.

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