Our Story

Owner and founder, Karl Findling is an Oregon native with over forty years of birding, hunting, backpacking, and outdoor experience. He is a retired paramedic, and was a professional firefighter for over 37 years. Product design is where he finds his creative outlet, showcased in the functionality, quality and craftsmanship found in the BinoBro® product line.

The idea of a truly quiet, tough and comfortable binocular system began with a fruitless search for that “Holy Grail" - one that could be worn without excess heat build up, deliver quick and protective access to your binoculars and could be worn all week without discomfort.  Say goodbye to binoc neck pain!

Eventually, after exhausting the market and finding only inadequate products, Karl realized he'd have to create this case himself. Years of trial-and-error coupled with an un-compromised perfectionist mindset led to the creation of BinoBro®'s signature products, the StandardBro®, RangeFinder Bro® and the ProHunter®.  

If you need technical support or just help deciding which product is right for you feel free to give us a call at: 541-410-0538 All BinoBro products are proudly Made in the USA.

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