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The BinoBro®, ProHunter is a no-bounce, waterproof binocular control system, that offers the convenience of a weatherproof pouch attached to a harness. In 2019, we softened the fabric, added an additional adjustment on the two chest straps, from the previous model with a sewn-in harness, and added a waterproof zipper. Our harness Incorporates a low profile, 1" webbing, in an ergonomic harness that is comfortably worn under a backpack, and is low-profile and has little elastic, so it doesn't stretch or bounce. The waterproof zippered pocket below the binocular pouch that can hold some Cell Phones, Tags/License, Reading glasses, Small knife or other items. It has a windicator/puffer-bottle holder, on the right side, and a small vertical call-pocket on the opposite side. Our proprietary OPW Burr™ fabric is also burr resistant and ultra quiet providing optimal tactical movements. requires no additional hardware to attach to your binoculars to use, and your binoculars are secured in the pouch by utilizing a bungee cord that wraps the binocular eye pieces, preventing dust, snow, rain, and sweat from fouling your expensive optics. Contact us for special order sizing.


Oregon Pack Works, proprietary Wind Indicator, offers the largest amount of powder in a compact bottle, and uses the most advanced powder to give you the best value, and the longest lasting ingredients. Don't be fooled by the Grams on most products. We offer 70 Grams, or 2.5 ounces at a minimum.

With just the slightest of pressure, a wisp of powder indicates wind direction.

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